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Embodied Leadership Training

Moving Skillfully within the Everyday

Embodied presence is an essential tool for tracking moment-to-moment sensory input with awareness. Personal development of this skill stabilizes your ability to ground into your physical body while fully attending to the world around you. This, in turn, enhances your life experience both on and off the dance floor.

Highlighted in this course is the development of your own personalized project which deepens your understanding of the Soul Motion philosophy and the practical experience of embodied presence. Your abilities to listen to your body‘s expressed wisdom and skillfully apply that to all aspects of your life, grows dramatically. Embodied Leadership graduates bring their practice and skills to the workplace, the home space, and community settings. They become international ambassadors of conscious living in the everyday.

These two, seven-day modules are embedded in the Teacher Training Program. They can be completed as a unique and powerful course of study on its own. Successful completion of the two Embodied Leadership Modules earns a Soul Motion Embodied Leadership Graduate Certificate. From here you qualify to begin the Teacher Training Program.

Participation in this program has enabled graduates to skillfully apply the Soul Motion philosophy in the fields of education, business, healthcare, counseling arts, and other conscious movement modalities

You will be offered active mentoring for the duration of the program.

Tuition Costs and Requirements:

Learn more about the program here: https://soulmotion.com/soul-motion-leadership-program/
Enroll here: https://soulmotion.com/soul-motion-school-application-embodied-leadership-teacher-training-v3/
Prerequisites:  Foundations and 200 Soul Motion credits.  (must be completed before graduating from Module 2)

Module 1: March 12th – 19th, 2020
Schedule TBA

Still Meadow Retreat

16561 SE Marna Road
Damascus, Oregon 97089