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The Embodied Awakening MOVEMENT

The time to experience Embodied Awakening has come …

Awaken to the truth of who you really are! A soul having an embodied experience to learn and grow. A soul who has chosen to be on Earth at this time to contribute to the evolutionary process and transition to a new way of living together based on love, not fear and union, not separation.

Awakening to our interconnectedness is a key to moving forward and thriving as a species. We can experience this through embodiment. Embodiment is a path that reconnects us with our bodies, our Selves, each other and all life. When we are embodied we feel connected and know who we are and why we are here. Embodiment supports aligning with our life purpose and feeling more fulfilled.
Azul is a movement based spiritual practice that supports embodied awakening. Join this workshop and become part of the movement of embodied awakening! Serve your own well being and contribute to the evolutionary leap.

Our soul’s highest purpose lives within the wisdom of our bodies, and embodied movement is our key to accessing that knowledge.

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