Ecstatic Soul – Oregon Conscious Dance Camp with Arjuna

//Ecstatic Soul – Oregon Conscious Dance Camp with Arjuna
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Ecstatic Soul = Ecstatic Dance + Soul Motion® + so much more! Join dancers from across Oregon and beyond to create magic together in this long weekend summer camp. Find nourishment and connection through Conscious Dance, AcroYoga, Contact Improv, Live music, Yoga, Tea Meditation, and Qigong. Set your own pace among this variety of activities, plus enjoy the natural beauty of the Cascade Range foothills.

The highlight of the weekend is a mini workshop with Vinn Arjuna Martí! This is the ONLY TIME to see Arjuna in Oregon for all of 2018!

Soul Motion® is a conscious dance practice that supports students in an inquiry of dance as creative expression, and as a conversation of relationship to self, other, and reality. Soul Motion conscious dance practice values each participant for their unique and distinct voice in the body choir.

All are welcome – no experience necessary.

See the event website for registration and detailed information:

Camp Cascade
Lyons, Oregon