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Embody. Empower. Express. Evolve.

Danyasa Yoga Arts, created by Sofiah Thom, comprises a dynamic fusion of vinyasa yoga, and expressive movement designed to access creative potential and empower the graceful warrior within. Dance + Vinyasa = Danyasa!

Danyasa Yoga Arts encourage practitioners to listen to the wisdom of the body as the innate and ultimate teacher in order to dance dreams and visions into form.

At Danyasa, we teach and practice yoga guided by the four E’s:  EMBODY, EMPOWER, EXPRESS, EVOLVE.

EMPOWER: While honoring the wisdom of traditional yoga practices, Danyasa Yoga Arts empower you to explore the wisdom of your own body, mind and spirit as you awaken your graceful warrior and claim your purpose.

EMBODY: Come home to the wisdom of your body. Learn the ways of moving and aligning in asana that support your physical and spiritual growth as you bring the intangible into form through empowered presence. yourself as your own greatest teacher.

EVOLVE: Recognize life is about the journey and how you you show up to live into your pure potentiality, always growing and shifting on this path of evolution.

EXPRESS: Give yourself permission to allow your authentic self to shine as you find new ways of moving that support your true self.