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A Series of 4 ‘Out in Nature’ Movement Sessions

Facilitated by Carrie Branovan & William Kyle Glenn

Sundays 2-4pm: Oct 11, 18, 25; Nov 1
Locations in the Driftless TBA

Open to 21 Participants; Join all 4 or Drop In. Safe and physcially distanced.
Suggested Donation: $10 to $20 for each session


Right now. We are truly experiencing a “phoenix” moment in our world — meaning, for many of us, the lives we have known have been metaphorically burnt to ashes. But, like the phoenix, we can choose to rise from those ashes. We can emerge stronger, more resilient, and more evolved. We can discover new opportunities and embrace new beginnings.

This new 4-part movement series is designed to help us shake off the ashes of our limiting beliefs and fears of change — and to move into joyful awareness of our authentic selves. We will learn to deeply listen to our body as it directs us to move in new creative ways. And as it seeks new ways to move, new neural pathways are created. We connect with fresh ideas and forgotten memories, seen and unseen in the field of possibilities.

The more we can lean in and engage consciously with this grand breakdown/breakthrough; death/rebirth cycle encompassing our planet at the moment the more we can sync up with this energy and steer it towards our own positive transformation!


~ No dance experience is necessary. IF YOU CAN MOVE YOU CAN DANCE. Please come exactly as you are. There is nothing to learn.All cultural backgrounds, genders, ages, races, and physical conditions are very welcome. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Contact us if class fees are unaffordable due to financial hardship.
~ Physical exertion: You may choose to pour intense physical energy into your dance, or you may choose to lay on your blanket and look up at the sky with minimal movement–whatever your body’s wisdom informs you to do is invited. No judgment or expectations. We are listening and experiencing the joy of authentic self-informed movement
~We physically distance ourselves 6-feet apart, and participants can move up to 100 feet away from the DJ Table. THERE IS AMPLE SPACE AND ABUNDANT NATURE TO IMMERSE YOURSELF IN!
~By listening to the wisdom of our bodies, our minds are able to awaken to the living miracle each of us embody, to the deep knowledge of our authentic selves often buried in an over-analytical world. Bones made of ancient stardust, lungs that oxygenate our cells 50,000 times per day; heart that beats 100,000 times pumping liquid energy through 65,000 miles of circulatory system – this wondrous creation we call our body and the powerful unrestricted spirit pouring out of it is our authentic self and it carries a profound intelligence, wisdom, and joy of life that we can reconnect with through the elixir of movement.

OVERVIEW of the 4 weeks

Week One: EARTH: Connecting with our body’s physical wisdom . We honor our indigenous nature, give ourselves permission to be where we are. We name the condition we arrive with. What is. Feel the old you. The out grown shell. Honor it’s role in your life… the structure it’s provided to bring you where you are today.

Week Two: FIRE: Connecting with our emotional wisdom. Our anger, frustration, agitation. We see our rigidity. We dance it. Feel what inside of you has been prevented from expressing behind the walls of the old you. Un bottle yourself. Give these pent up emotions expression! Allow them to burn right through that shell. Let the old dissolve in fiery brilliance. Your inner fire lies dormant no longer!

Week Three: WATER: We choose to surrender to the inner wisdom of our heart that informs us when and how to let go, forgive, to grieve. To release with compassion. We may feel sadness…a longing for what once was…a grieving of the old. Let the ashes of what once was wash away. Allow this beautiful low to cleanse your being. Cleaning away all impurities. Express your full tenderness and vulnerability. Let yourself be gentle and exposed. The shell is no more.

Week Four: AIR and ETHER: We are born anew. Excited about our new form we spread our wings and let the wind elevate us to new heights! We embrace our new ecstatic experience with all the curiosity, enthusiasm, and excitement of a child. We ask our Seen and Unseen Allies to help us to open to all the possibilities of what is present and Unknown. Stepping authentically into the present moment to meet what is true with confidence, with wings of hope. We begin to create actionable plans for the path that lay ahead.

~ Each session is open to 20 dancers, first come first served (please register in advance.) You will have the use of personal “silent disco” audio receivers that clip to your shirt, belt or pants. This will allow you to freely dance with the Elements while listening to a 60-minute curated Elemental playlist and 10-minute (gong) meditation.
~ You will need to bring your own headphones. To plug into the audio receiver, your headphones should have cord with a standard “mini-plug” (see images below). Headphones can be an earbud type (like the type that comes with iPhones or Samsung phones)…or an over-ear type (like Bose or Beats). In either case, make sure they are GOOD AUDIO QUALITY for listening to music and comfortable on your head and “shake proof”.Please note: Bluetooth headphones will not work with the provided receivers nor will the flat type connection that plugs into the new iPhones and Androids. If you don’t have a plug-in headset, we have some over-ear units that you can use…make sure to contact us ahead of time if you need one!
~ After you register you will be provided with the location to meet. Please arrive 15 minutes ahead of time so we get set up and start on time. Please do not share the location with others who are not coming to dance. We want to keep it private, safe, and be respectful to the land we are dancing on.

YES. We are all dancers. People have been dancing since the beginning of human civilization….it is an ancient, natural and healthy impulse. Many of us believe we are not “dancers”, feel embarrassed, and judged. Life is a dance. Please give yourself permission to open your mind to a new experience. This may not even look like ‘dance’.
***Also please note: It is best for pets and small children/ people and pets not dancing to stay at home. This is a moving meditation practice.It is optimum to give this short time to yourself without distractions.

• A friend (please ask them to register!)
• Water
• An outdoor blanket and perhaps a yoga mat to rest and meditate before and after the dance session (your home base). An extra blanket to keep warm during ending meditation is recommended.
• Soft soled dancing shoes– like jazz shoes or ballet slippers, or aqua shoes would work well. Shoes that will bend and allow dancing and are kind to the feet. Bare feet are at your own risk!
• A journal and/or sketch book and some art materials if you choose to record your insights during and after the dance.
• Layers of clothes, warm socks to adapt to the weather.
• Headsets as described above.
• Snacks if you feel you will need them.
• A hat, sunscreen, and natural insect repellent. We will be dancing in a “non-buggy” time and place– but good to be mindful and take care of yourself.
• Any items you want to place in the center of the opening circle that represents the Element we are dancing in: Stones, rocks, crystals, pictures of ancestors, items that support you.
• We will be mindful of keeping safe distancing at all times.

• Directions to the secret location. It will require a car to travel there (unless you have a magic carpet of course…).
• Parking at the site.
• Use of a specialized “silent disco” type audio receivers to plug in your own headset.
• 60-minutes of custom mixed music.
• “Outhouse” provisions if nature calls.
• Facilitation

• Weather contingent: if it is raining / stormy, the session will be canceled and all monies refunded.
• Please no photography or video allowed during the session. This is a very personal time for people in the community.
• We will need you to agree to the following: Participation is fully at the risk and choice of participants. It is each person’s responsibility to look after their physical, emotional and mental well-being. Listen to your own body. If something hurts, pay attention and take care of yourself. All participants are asked to move at their own pace and to take care of themselves on all levels. Carrie Branovan, William Kyle Glenn, and all people connected to this event, can take no responsibility for injury you sustain as a result of participating in these outdoor movement sessions.
• I am willing and able to take full responsibility for my own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing during the class and after it.
• I will listen to my body and my being and respect my own limits during the activity and afterward.
Thank you for reading all the way through all the “stuff”!

I am a creative professional, joyfully and consciously dancing since 2008 and now a teacher of authentic movement. My offerings are Dance Your Prayers events, and are currently only offered in nature following our current safety guidelines.
As “DJ Lady Zaza” I love to curate dance music with diverse soulful beats created from an amazing tapestry of global artists tapped into the mycellium of organic sound.
The North Star in my constellation is Movement Medicine www.schoolofmovementmedicine.com, for which I also organize online events. The work of Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Kahn is woven of many transformational practices that many of us have practiced and appreciated throughout our lives such as Conscious Dance, family constellation, Shamanism, visualization, Gestalt therapy, meditation, and compassionate listening. I look forward to dancing with you!

I am an Authenticity Coach that specializes in helping people realize their magic and find their way. The greatest joy in life comes with allowing yourself to actually BE yourself! I help people people tap into the lost of art of being who they really are….and the peace that inevitably follows 🙂
I am also a mindfulness instructor for the Integrated Mindfulness Institute, a fire dancer, a radio show host @ 91.9 WDRT, and a community organizer. My mission is to bring people back to themselves and each other. To create safe spaces for people to look internally, connect in on a deeper more intimate level, and find the rooted solutions necessary to bring about positive change and transformation for themselves and their community.

We look forward to dancing with you soon! Carrie and Kyle