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If you are currently teaching any type of wellness-related class (yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, dance, related modalities), if you are a classroom teacher, or a licensed/trained helping professional of any kind (e.g., counselor, psychologist, social worker, nurse, psychiatrist, CD counselor), you are welcome to take this weekend facilitator training intensive! Graduate students are welcome. You MUST complete the whole weekend agenda to be awarded certification on behalf of The Institute for Creative Mindfulness. To learn more about the certification and continuing education process, click HERE.

Mindfulness is the simple practice of noticing without judgment, savoring the art of being in the moment. Mindfulness, the expressive arts, psychodrama, meditation, and yoga are modalities that can promote wellness and recovery. Dancing Mindfulness is a practice developed by clinical counselor Dr. Jamie Marich incorporating all of these elements. Dance becomes the primary avenue through which to access mindful awareness! There are seven basic elements of a Dancing Mindfulness class (breath, sound, body, mind, spirit, story, and fusion of all these elements) to help participants experience the attitudes and benefits of mindful awareness. Dancing Mindfulness classes range in length from 30 minutes to 2 hours and they can be designed to accommodate a variety of populations in various settings (e.g., yoga studios, community gatherings, clinical settings, dance studios, churches, gyms).

Dr. Jamie Marich designed Dancing Mindfulness as a practice that can be easily learned by people who are experiencing the call to facilitate. Drawing on her background as a trauma-informed counselor, Dr. Marich incorporated the principles of safety, flexibility, and individuality into the facilitation of Dancing Mindfulness. Learn from Dr. Marich how to construct a Dancing Mindfulness class and make it your own!

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