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♥ 3rd – 24th of November ♥

Join us for our 22 days of Embodied Leadership Facilitator Training and Soul Quest Retreat!

Dancing Freedom is a conscious movement practice, that supports healthy intimacy, full body expression, loving boundaries, emotional coherency and spiritual awakening for individuals and whole communities.

This is no ordinary training. Our training blends deep somatic, ecstatic and shamanic movement work, with collaborative leadership training, soul empowerment, sacred ceremony and community peer mentoring.

This 22-day immersion is not only a facilitator training, but also a soul quest and initiation into the next version of yourSelf. As well, it is, a high-impact, intense yet delicious, deep dive, into welcoming, being and becoming the person you came here to be! The goal is to empower the unique gifts you are here to offer and to receive new tools to embody an evolutionary movement-based practice that you can use and share for the rest of your life.

This training, is an immersive education in conscious dance, space holding, somatic experiencing, ritual and ceremony, earth connection, DJ skills, integral spirituality and embodied leadership.

You will dance daily while engaging your whole being in the foundations of regenerative culture; inclusive of permaculture principles, earth-based ceremony, rites of passage, soul empowered purpose work and business training.

It is a modern-day embodied Mystery School.

In addition to learning tools for creating and facilitating a powerful, effective, safe and joyful community dance experience, you will also learn how to set and hold space, how to bring your full presence and authority to your leadership, how to work with prayer and intention, how to stay grounded and help others ground themselves, how to use your voice to articulate your purpose and vision, and how to invite the voice and expression of others forward so that everyone can shine.

You will have ample space for personal soul work appropriate to your unique phase of life; whether you are working through a big transition in work or relationship, radically re-calibrating your sense of identity, or seeking to deepen your connection to your spirituality and purpose – this training will meet you where you are and help you take those next steps into who you are becoming.

When you choose to join us for the FULL immersion of our 3-week training, you are sure to leave changed and inspired. And we welcome your total transformation!

This fully catered, residential experience is located 2 hours inland from the Gold Coast in the Northern Rivers region of Australia.

The Living Arc is surrounded by ancient subtropical rainforest with expansive mountain views, fresh spring water and abundant iconic wildlife. This transformational site is situated on a 900 acre shared land community, with the vast majority of the land being wildlife and rainforest nature reserve. The retreat centre is accessed through a scenic valley up to a very steep four-wheel drive track to the top of the mountain to ensure private seclusion in a pristine natural environment with expansive views

This is an opportunity for you to become your own “elemental alchemist”; to dive deeper into the power of dance and how it can be your greatest tool for transformation, personal and global healing, and your full-bodied expression in the world.

*Work with the 5 elements to increase your awareness and connection to your inner landscape, your relationships and the world around you

*Learn powerful somatic practices to connect to your inner power and reset your nervous system

*Get real by diving into what is authentic and present for you in the moment and working directly with it, through the body

*Create time and space to re-connect with and remember the inherent wisdom that resides in your body, prioritizing what REALLY energizes you

*Learn powerful somatic processing techniques to connect to your body, your breath, and your emotions at any time… anywhere

*Experience an authentic connection with yourself and other people from our global dance tribe

*The opportunity to face your personal blockages and break through them in a safe, supportive, and encouraging environment

*Set powerful intentions for yourself, your community and our planet and further become an agent of creation

*You will be challenged to grow and learn new ways of being in the world by connecting to your “larger than ego” Self and learn ways in which you can GROUND and MAINTAIN this state more often

*Be seen and heard in the full expression of your Truth and receive the reflection of other like-minded beings doing the same (no more playing small, this is YOUR time to shine)

Are you ready to step through the alchemical gate and embrace the fullness of YOU?

Dancing Freedom is an embodied spiritual practice you can work with for the rest of your life. Our curriculum is designed to support optimal learning, depth of embodiment, and to give you the tools and support you need to take this potent practice and modern-day ceremony for transforming lives into your community.

There are four modules embedded within our full immersion training: EMBODIMENT gives you the essential practice; VISION is an invitation to receive the voice of your soul through connection with the heart of nature; EMPOWERMENT supports you to embody your soul purpose and to effectively bring this into the world as your business; MASTERY details soul anatomy and gives you the essential energetic tools to set and hold space, work with ritual and archetype, and create a safe container for transformation and authenticity.

EMBODIMENT, we open personal and collective pathways for being fully embodied, fully in your power and fully free. You learn the basic template of the Dancing Freedom Practice: Circling, the Elemental Wave, the Harvest and the Inner Dance + ways to innovate on and modify that practice for different settings, clients and intentions. You get to know what the practice is, how to put a practice together, and how to work with movement as medicine.

VISION is a ceremonial gateway – an invitation to receive the voices of soul and spirit through sitting and sacred wandering with yourself in the heart of nature.

EMPOWERMENT supports you to identify your personal purpose and to create your Dancing Freedom business through a guided, step by step process.

MASTERY focuses on the essential energetic and personal empowerment skills and understandings needed to support emotional, physical and spiritual transformation for yourself and your communities.

The primary focus of our learning space is experiential. We also work with lecture format classes to support you in your intellectual and theoretical understanding of the work. We integrate head, heart, body and hands in our methodology.

Once qualified, you gain certification and credentials to gain insurance as a facilitator of this practice as recognized by I.I.C.T.

To Download the full prospectus: go to www.dancingfreedom.com/training

We look forward to meeting you and opening the gateway to Dancing our Freedom, together, SOON!