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This month we will be exploring our movements with threads that enliven our interconnectivity. What does this mean? Interconnectivity as a term is quite simple, it means the state or quality of being interconnected. My interest is in how we feel it within the organism of our body.

In my recent studies with Liz Koch, author & educator of the Psoas. I realized that I am ready to let go of any mechanized language in reference to the body, I am ready to shatter any compartmentalization I may have created when thinking about body, mind, spirit, emotions.

For this month of February (and beyond) we will be gifting ourselves the sacred permission to feel our wholeness, not just our good balanced wholeness, but our anxious parts, our shadow pieces, our elements, our inner nectars and the stubborn thoughts. Each class will be a journey that supports you in learning how to listen to the different systems within our bodies that ultimately make up the whole, intuitively strengthening our interconnectivity.

As a teacher within the field of fitness and healing arts for over 20 years, I am ready to deepen this conversation I have going with my body and I am inviting you to come with me.

Some threads we will weave into class:

~Learning to connect to our heart field

~Sensing the systems of the body and how they connect to the elements

~Opening feet to build more reciprocity with the earth energies

~Awareness of proprioception as a pathway to deepen embodiment