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8-Week Virtual Intensive with Banafsheh
October 2 – November 27, 2020 on Zoom
3 days a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
10-11am PT | 1-2pm ET | 7-8pm CET
Recordings are available if you can’t join the live zoom sessions
“She is one whose heart keeps pace with her foot. She is entirely present; her soul is where her body is, and her body where her soul is, and her soul where her soles are.”
– Junayd
Many of us are coming together to envision change, and to co-create a future that is sustainable for all of the Earth community. The sacred feminine as the ground of being and the hidden soul of the world calls to us to see her all around us and become her in our very cells so we can enter into a harmonious relationship with all of Her creation: our precious planet Gaia and all her creatures, each other, ourselves, and our bodies.
In this immersion, you will come alive to the existence of the sacred feminine as real, find Her presence in yourself, as you find yours in Her, feeling Her rise within you, opening you to the sacredness of all life, in your body, heart, mind and soul.
What representations, images and qualities of the sacred feminine inspires you and wants to be known through you?
Each week we will focus on one of the Chakras and one or more representations of the sacred feminine from different traditions like the Black Madonna, Aphrodite, Sekmet, Mary, Anahita, Isis, Sophia and others that correspond to that particular Chakra. By opening your Chakras one by one and embodying the frequency and resonance of the sacred feminine that correspond to that particular Chakra, you will be initiated into the mysteries of the sacred feminine, create a loving conscious awareness in your body and enter into an embodied fullness of feminine glory.
We will begin with the root Chakra and move our way up through guided dance and movement that correspond to the Chakra in focus; free-style dance, meditation and optional participation in sharing circles. We will draw from: Persian classical and mystical dance, Flamenco fusion, Middle Eastern tribal dances, Sama (whirling), Tai Chi and Chi Gong. Join our loving dance community from your own sanctuary, liberate your body and step into your unlimited self, emanating love toward yourself, the Earth and all beings.
Guided by the poetry of Rumi, Rabia, Kabir and other Sufi mystics as well as Taoist philosophy and divine feminine wisdom, explore how to cultivate presence, mastery and sensual grace in your body through dancing with a focus on the Chakras, the Meridian system, and quantum physics. Integrate your body, heart, mind and soul in a sacred union and learn tools for self-healing, and extending love and healing into the world.
Tune into the wisdom of your body and dance the miracle that you are, this gift of life! In the uncertain times we live in, sacred dance is the way to a dynamic, joyous and energetic way of being that grounds us in the present moment and opens our heart and mind to wonder and possibility, so we can usher in a NEW paradigm of being in harmony with the greater Earth community.
Sliding Scale available: $390 – $650