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Dance From The Heart: Full Moon Circle

Friday, October 22, 5-7pm PDT | Lead by Jess Thoroughly + Janet Lo

Craving a nurturing sacred container to explore what is being illuminated in your life right now and what it means in your body? Join us in an evening of ritual and illumination through dance and meditation as we move through and invoke the sacred elements to support our greatest self-honoring.

The Full Moon is inviting our attention as it lights up our deepest truths, our wholeness, when the dark sky is lit up in full lumination. We will be exploring release in a gentle safety conscious restorative space, remaining grounded, fluid, and compassionate to whatever is arising.

Whether tuning into our greatest desires, or preparing our mental, emotional, and spiritual inner lives for development and growth, we can create with ease, be in community, and learn how to tap into our own robust resources.

We will guide you through the workshop by beginning with a short seated meditation, explore what is being illuminated and what that means to you in your own body, and then will use the Dance From The Heart mindful movement practice to connect our heart through our body’s unique poetry. No dance experience is necessary. Open to all levels, bodies, persons.

Join us in an evening of grounding, centering, dance, and meditation as we move through and invoke the sacred elements to support our greatest, highest healing.

—About the Facilitators—

Janet Lo (she/her/they) leads CMDC’s virtual Dance from the Heart classes, workshops, and teacher training with the heartfelt intention of creating safe and brave spaces for healing and transformation. She is a second-generation Chinese Canadian embodiment facilitator with a background in Theater, Dance, TV + Production. After over a decade of work and burnout in the industry, she now focuses on guiding heart-centered healing of safety and relationship to the body through movement and embodiment practices. Janet is passionate about building a community of self-healers, movers, and shakers through ritualizing and prioritizing ease, rest, and play. At the core, she just loves to dance and believes dance has the most transformative powers to connect, explore, and celebrate our bodies. Instead of perpetuating body objectification, her aim is to empower, reclaim, and dismantle body-shaming culture by celebrating the invitation of “come as you are”. Virgo Sun, Libra Rising. 4/6 Reflector. Instagram: @Jglowgirl

Jess Thoroughly (she/her) is a guide and facilitator of women’s movement and the language of eroticism with 8 years of experience helping women (and soon couples) to connect with their erotic selves. Jess immerses herself in the language of the feminine, the science of desire and communication via the raw language of the our unique erotic body. Keenly attuned to the body and all the myriad ways it seeks to communicate with us, Jess teaches the unique art of body listening. Since experiencing Dance From The Heart, she works to expand the practice of envisioning dreams and desires from an intuitive embodied place. Jess passionately creates accessible community spaces for those who wish to tap into their own heart’s embodied movement process, those who are exploring fully expressing themselves, those who are claiming their own unique erotic body and those who are reclaiming pleasure as their birthright. She is a Certified Erotic Blueprint™ Coach, trained by Jaiya herself as well as a Certified Accelerated Evolution™ Coach, skilled in using transformational methods that illuminate the obstacles blocking goal achievement, dissolve inner conflict and bring peace and flow..

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