Cyclical Sisterhood Yoga Retreat by Urban Goddess

//Cyclical Sisterhood Yoga Retreat by Urban Goddess
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Make sense of the divine feminine, tap into female body literacy, and recharge in paradise with us.

We show you how to take charge of your fertility and tap into the power of your cycle. Together, we uncover the knowledge you should have received as a young woman coming of age. You will take back with you a body literacy that empowers you to create a more balanced, sustainable life.

Costa Rica’s unique nature provides the perfect backdrop for connecting with the growing global network of awakening women.

In the very lap of Mother Nature, we give you access to the core teachings of ancient wisdom traditions, formulated in a way that modern women can relate to.

The Divine Feminine is so deeply needed today, in a world hell-bent on exploiting the finite resources of both Mother Nature and its women.

And we have the science to back it up.


JENNY KOOS is a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner and member of the faculty at Justisse College, the golden standard of fertility awareness practitioner’s education. Trained extensively in reproductive anatomy and endocrinology, Jenny understands and teaches the menstrual cycle and the entire reproductive life flow, from a functional medicine perspective. Jenny is also a doula, well-versed in herbalism and Ayurveda, as well as the conventional, allopathic approach to women’s health. She gives lectures and teaches privately on fertility awareness, hormonal health and how to thrive in the female body despite the patriarchal structures that influence our bodily experience.

KRISTINA TURNER is a writer, speaker, and facilitator working in the field of female empowerment and women’s spirituality. She holds sacred space for women in Sweden and the UK, and moderates the Urban Goddess Sisterhood forum on Facebook. Kristina has a background in western wisdom teachings and has practiced esoteric spirituality for over twenty years. Her book Natural Birth – A Holistic Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth and Breastfeeding was published in 2010. She calls herself a wombtrepreneur, and her business Urban Goddess focuses on helping today’s woman to make sense of the Divine Feminine.

MARIA ANDREA NIKLASSON is a journalist and photographer training to become an International Certificated Doula. For almost ten years, she’s dedicated a large part of her life to empowering women’s cyclicality through her articles and art projects. She’s been hosting Red Tent Circles in Stockholm, Sweden, and administrating the Urban Goddess Sisterhood forum alongside Kristina Turner since 2017. Maria Andrea’s extensive knowledge of Costa Rica’s culture and nature makes her uniquely equipped to facilitate a retreat in this location