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5Rhythms®: Chaos, Grief Dancer

Gabrielle Roth taught, “The only way out, is through”. The rhythm of Chaos invites us to surrender to something larger than our individual selves. Have you been telling yourself to “let go”? Have you been waiting to release the weight and sorrows of your past? The sacred nature of Chaos breaks down barriers and lets these flood gates loose.

The grief of these unprecedented times opens all the suffering held in the body. So how do you move through this grief when it threatens to swallow you? This chaos dance will show you the way to stay grounded and survive it all with authenticity and grace. This dance will allow you to expand the bandwidth and empty what no longer needs to be held in the dam of your heart-space.

For integrated healing to take place we must move our bodies and address the grief on a cellular level. Griefs essential nature is here to do the holy work of washing the heart clean. When this is done, we are left emptied. In time, this empty space in where joy to finds room to re-enter.

We will practice the embodiment of what is already moving naturally through us, so that it can be related to with more ease and grace. We will identify where we are in the healing process as we move in the direction of transformation. Life is full of loss. Loss is here to teach us how deep our love truly is.

All workshop hours contribute to 5Rhythms Teachers Training Prerequisites.

2 weeks access to recorded content for worldwide dancers in all time zones.

Class Donations:

All classes are being offered now by donation.

Generosity is more than a personal practice, it is a universal concept that every one of has benefitted from. Everybody alive today is alive because of the generosity of somebody else. Your donation is not payment for goods or services; it is given purely from the heart.

Please donate on a sliding scale between $65-125 depending on your comfort level. For partial and full scholarship, we simply ask that you send a one-paragraph email to lucia@luciahoran.com explaining your situation and we will be in contact with you.