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Join a global community of dancers in a guided movement experience with Amara on Saturday September 5 (September 6 for Australia).

In this 1.5h Live online class we will focus on various aspects of the Azul spiral and explore them in the dance.

Everyone is welcome, everyone is needed!

SATURDAY May 2 (Australia May 3)
17:30-19:00 (CEST Europe)
11:30am -1:00pm (EDT US East Coast)
8:30-10:00am (PDT US West Coast) *

Class offered again live with Katja utilizing pre-recorded teaching component from Amara
1:30-3:00pm (HST Hawaii)
9:30-11:00am Sunday (AEST Sydney, Australia)

Kindly plan to be on time, so we can all start together and build a strong group field.
If you register and are unable to attend, we will send you the video recording available to stream for following 2 weeks.

In this 1.5 hour Online class we will:
– Focus on various aspects of Azul spiral and explore them in the dance. Each class will offer new content.
– Discover the power of movement to awaken love
– Deepen in the experience of embodiment and anchor in the wisdom of the body
– Explore the bodies intelligence to support healing and spiritual growth
– Dance and connect with people all over the world

Class will be offered Live on the online platform Zoom

More details on the event at the web site:

Tuition levels: $10, $15, $20
Full scholarship on request
As these are challenging times we want as many people as possible to be able to attend.

About Amara:
Amara Pagano is the creator of Azul Conscious Movement and is committed to the journey of awakening love. She has been teaching movement as spiritual practice for 25 years. She facilitates and trains others to create psycho-spiritual movement experiences as a path of the heart.

Amara is also the co-founder of the global conscious movement community OneDanceTribe that produces events with teachers and presenters of different modalities for the purpose of creating a unified and collaborative field to support personal and collective evolution. OneDanceTribe produced the first Online Conscious Dance Conference gathering 60 presenters and 14,000 people from 124 countries.

As a leader in the world of conscious movement, Amara is forging a path for its continued evolution. Through her work with Azul she is elevating the psycho-spiritual aspect of conscious movement and redefining the work we do on the dance floor as a path of awakening consciousness.

About Azul:
Azul is a conscious movement practice that leads us on a path of personal transformation. It utilizes the power of movement as a vehicle for exploration, for the purpose of awakening love. Love is our true essence: it is living effortlessly in the flow of life, fully expressing our gifts and talents, experiencing joy, health and prosperity.

Azul combines Amara’s expertise in embodiment and movement as a healing art, providing a clear map of our spiritual reality and tools for self-knowledge. The work is also influenced by the latest scientific discoveries about singularity and unified physics.

One of the core principles of Azul is the connection between body and spirit and the integration of our spirituality and humanity. The image of Azul is an upward spiral where we work with embodiment to awaken our hearts. This process opens a space for healing, where we can transform our suffering into self-knowledge until we come to fully experience ourselves as love.

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