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BODY POETICSAn infinite source of poetry is…

Us, the other, our surroundings and nature are vibrating the subtle expression of a powerful existence.

As we enter into movement we are opening the door to the underlaying unknown, yet deep truth of being human.

From feeling frozen in our sensations and feelings to experiencing an energetic blossoming into a deep sense of aliveness. We practice our ability to drop and expand our limits.

The 5 Rhythms Flowing | Staccato | Chaos | Lyrical | Stillness are our privileged practice to redesign a free connection between our Body and Heart, a free connection between our Heart and Mind.

We ground the fluid and awake presence that provides the expression of our creative Soul and our receptivity to the Spirit of life beyond our own existence.

We will dance, we will express the feeling of our dances on paper and let this inspiration nourish each other’s poetic presence.

Let’s keep on moving forward together as individuals and as a community to expand the fertile grounds of our Body Poetics.

“Our own life has to be our message.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

« The body never lies. » Martha Graham


 WhoGuillaume Laplane is a 5Rhythms® accredited teacher trained by Gabrielle Roth in 2007, dancer & architect.

He is passionated by revealing the goodness and healing creative wisdom of human’s true nature. Dedication, focus and time are his favorite ingredients in the 5R practice.

He inspires us through powerful and subtle explorations into movement either in studio or in nature.


•Friday 24. May: 19.30 – 22.00 hr

•Saturday 25. May: 11.30 – 18.00 hr

•Sunday 26. May: 11.00 – 17.00 hr


•€ 175 before 25. April 2019

•€ 215 thereafter

•€ 25 Friday evening only

To book

Please pay the fee to LëtzDanz asbl account:

IBAN: LU71 1111 7046 5850 0000 Code BIC CCPLLULL with the mention “5R Workshop Guillaume Laplane” followed by your entire name, then confirm by mail with Françoise Isabelle THILL – thifrasab@gmail.com


Françoise Isabelle Thill


+352 691305927


Adresse des Saals:

Koeschteschbau 2,

rue de Hollenfels

L-7481 Tuntange