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This 8-month intensive program is for group facilitators, coaches, and culture-shapers of all kinds who want to include an embodied relational skillset at the very heart of their practice, in order to partner with complexity, challenge outworn dynamics, and potentiate a more just, joyful, and interconnected world.
It combines an online learning component with in-depth experiential practice, to integrate both a theoretical and practical understanding of the core Body-Informed Leadership methodologies.
The Level 1 Course is strongly oriented towards self-reflection. Much of the course will be in service of the participants’ own self-understanding and internal skill, and how these lay a foundation for their body-informed practice.
Online Learning
We will engage deeply with core theories and texts, sharing questions and insights in our online forum, as well as small- and whole-group Zoom sessions. Madelanne will provide a wealth of supplementary resources, as well as experiential activities and opportunities for reflective practice, to enable the group to fully integrate the course content and share their experiences both intellectually and in a very personal and relational way.
Experiential Practice
These practice groups provide a supported, experiential environment where participants can contact the body-based dynamics at the root of their identities and relationships, experiment with new ways of being and expressing, witness others and be witnessed, and hold a kind-hearted, playful inquiry into what it means to practice connection at the body-based level. They are a lab space in which participants can practice and apply Body-Informed Leadership skills in a live group environment.
Course Themes: The Nervous System and its relationship to trauma; cultivating a more conscious relationship to the Nervous System and building pathways to self- and co-regulation; re-working our relationships to Sensation, Self, and Power; dynamics of privilege and oppression and their origins in the body; reflections on personal lineage and intersectional experience; exploring, expressing, and playing with embodied identities; exploring personal, group and cultural dynamics of connection; application of somatic practice within individual professional contexts.
Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate of Body-Informed Leadership Practitioner Level 1 and will be included in the online database of practitioners.
*Please note that the class size for both online and experiential components of this course is limited to 12 people.
*If necessary, participants can take the online component separately from the in-person component (although it’s recommended to take them both together). Contact Madelanne to discuss.

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