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How often do you feel whole?
Everything in balance and working together,
All the different aspects of your self integrated and unified..
A blessed relief from those other times when head and heart are at odds, or the mind tries to bend the body to its will.

When we’re truly at home in our own skins, and our feelings are free to move through us – when our body is alive and our heart open, we can relax into the fluid awareness of our mind, freed from plans and distractions. Then there’s space for the beauty and vulnerability of our soul to blossom, and the possibility of communion with Spirit.

Dancing in the splendour of the Yorkshire Dales, we will create a supportive community for rich, healing work. Inspired by the beauty that surrounds us, we will relax, breathe deep, and find the time and space to soften and expand. Together we‘ll dance in search of wholeness – looking for ways to become more full-bodied, whole-hearted, mindful and soulful, as we drop ever deeper into the dance.

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