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Movement Medicine weaves together the exhilaration of free dance with the depth of movement meditation, therapeutic understanding and the spirit of shamanic practice.
BODY HEART SOUND is an opportunity to rememeber that the awake, moving body is a strong, safe and versatile vessel for the heart. Inviting permission and acceptance of all we are and all we find there, shadow and light. Remembering that our hearts, like the earth, have many weather patterns and an innate ability to move through these patterns in the natural cycle of renewal.
This is a dancing investigation into the Movement Medicine Chambers of the Heart.
AWAKENING: the instinct of the heart in the awake, engaged body.
INTEGRITY: the muscle of the heart, passion, protection, courage and commitment.
SURRENDER: trusting and letting go into the river of our heart.
GRATITUDE: welcoming the heart’s natural joy and generosity.
GRACE: in the centre of the heart lives radical inclusion, we move, in simplicity, with the crunchy and the smooth.
We will take time in each chamber to discover the resource there and engage, kindly, with any challenges we meet. We will also explore how sound and movement work together in these chambers to allow more space inside and between us. Using the natural emerging voice to give us a fuller vocabulary and greater access to our multi-dimensional selves.
This is precious time in dancing community to learn about ourselves, each other and strengthen our connection to all that gives and supports life.