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BeSoul™ is love in motion and it is a dance of awakening. BeSoul™ Dance provides an opportunity to connect to your deepest self through vibrant self-expression. Choreography is simple and enlivening, music is fantastic and varied. Each class is focused on cultivating awareness of your whole self in a loving, accepting and supportive environment. Join the BeSoul™ class and expand your spirit every time! We dance together to get fit in body, mind and soul.

BeSoul™ Experiences are retreats to strengthen the practices of awakening. They are places where we align ourselves to the universal evolution of life through movement, play and self inquiry. They are times to cultivate the connection to our true deep loving nature and to other beings, including our natural world.

Maria Skinner teaches Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday & Saturdays (all but 1st of the month)

Robyn Maltz teaches Monday & 1st Saturday of the month.