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These are not easy times, and it doesn’t look like ‘ease’ is going to be at the top of the menu any time soon. But the truth has a strange way of being a relief, even when it’s not easy, and the body doesn’t lie.

To move, breathe, and pay attention: these are the keys to the doors that matter.

To be willing to speak the truth in words too: then the dance goes to another whole level of real. 

Light, dark, and shadow. Power and vulnerability. The beautiful, and the places we’re ashamed of, and even the ordinary. All welcome.

Whether you’re anxious or bold, falling apart or celebrating life, there’s a dance for everything. Whatever’s going on, there’s a way to embody it, express it, and let the quiet magic of dedicated practice take you home.

Tickets: 225,-€ full price, 200,-€ for early bookings before August 15. (Jagati members,185,-€ for Jagati members booked before August 15)