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Give yourself a kiss. If you want to hold the beautiful one, hold yourself – RUMI
Touching those kisses we blow across the fingers airborne with Love.
Opening to our sensuality, receptive to kisses blown our way by life.
Leaning into the spine of sultry curves, the key to the door of our heart slowly opens
… To the wilderness that is waiting
… Slinky, soft, sensual, seductive embrace of our being
…. Light, weightless, shimmering hues of our dreaming
Speaking from the body in seeking and following the unfolding.
Following the heart towards the whispers uttered in secret
Feet first we fall into caress.
Bisous. Kisses.
Kissing all that we know and all the mystery beyond.
Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground – RUMI
Come Dance the poetry of the feminine on this special 7-day residential retreat for women, where Emma & Lina will take you on a journey in the terrains of the body and the landscape of the heart, drawing upon the archetypal muse Mistress energy that dwells within each of us, beckoning us to live life in our fullest expression and nuanced vibrancy. This is an offering combining 5Rhythms Waves & Heartbeat maps, infused with elements of Burlesque. You can expect a deep dive that comes with much elated joy, creativity, togetherness and fun; and expect to be in an elegant spacious venue surrounded by spectacular natural landscapes and sports/cultural/leisure activities for you to explore alone or with others on our long breaks; and expect mouth-watering wholesome food to tantalize our taste buds on all meals… and expect specks of mystery sprinkled on top of it all; because, yes, there are a hundred ways to kiss the ground, and to be kissed back by life.
Some details
The Gorgeous Setting:
Feast your eyes here on all details about Orada retreat Centre, including exact location in Monte Orada, how to get there, ideas for surrounding activities, and room types: https://www.orada.eu
NB: We will send you a detailed document should you need more detailed information on the room types.
The Itinerary of Rendez-Vous **:
– Day 1, September 17th: Arrival & check-in Afternoon // Orientation, Introduction Session & Dinner
– Days 2 – 6, September 18th- 22nd : Breakfast, Morning Session, Lunch, R&R, Evening Session & Dinner
– Day 7, September 23rd: Breakfast, Morning Session, Closing, Lunch & check-out
** Final detailed schedule will be announced to registrants closer to our dates
** On some evenings after dinner, we will run creative activities that feed into our exploration, including film night, photography, and storytelling.
The Full Price Tag**:
* Suites, bungalows, Tiny House & Tree House):
– Single: 1575 (2 rooms left)
– Shared 2ppl: 1375
* Teepee
– Single: 1325 Euros
– Shared 2ppl: 1275 Euros
– Shared 3ppl: 1225 Euros
* Main house Dorms (6-8 ppl per room)
– 1250 Euros
Payment to Emma Leech
Barclays Bank
Euro CFC account : EGK Leech
Sort Code 2014-33
Account 68569122
** The cost includes full board, full workshop, and use of all facilities on site; and it excludes all costs related to travelling to the venue or extra sporting, culture and leisure activities in the surrounding areas
** All cited room types above are showcased on the above link to Orada’s website. We can also send you a detailed document upon extra enquiries.
** Rooms are allocated on first come first serve basis
** Bungalows can accommodate for 3 people. This may be an option of reduced cost BUT only available if a group of 3 comes together/organized independently together. Ask us for info if needed!
Monte da Orada – Presentation Booklet .pdf
** If cost is an issue, please contact us directly to discuss
For More Info and bookings
Lina: Lina.omjood@gmail.com
And/or Emma: emma@emmadance.co.uk
A Little Something about us:
Emma Leech:
The 5Rhythms came into Emma’s world of theatre, visual arts and social justice work over 30 years ago.
Teaching since 2001 her particular flavour is rich with the tapestry woven of “street wise’ and humour, weaving in the edges of the artistic meets’ real life.’
Recognizing the extraordinary power of the practice to heal and to transform lives, Emma pioneered its use in prisons, refugee camps, addiction recovery clinics in Harley Street to the slums of Kolkata.
Emma is now one of the most skilled and experienced 5 Rhythms instructors in the world.
Lina Nahhas:
Lina Nahhas, a Palestinian-Canadian based in Dubai, was one of the first in bringing 5Rhythms® to the Arab region in 2010, and her passion for the work has led her to Waves® level teacher certification by 2014, weaving teaching into her life whilst running her social innovation empathy-building work via The Sameness project. Her teenage daughter, Jood, keeps the flame for her passions alive (and also keeps her on her toes and her ego in check by being her uncompromising mirror!)
“The impact that the 5Rhythms® has had in my life, remains magical. One of sentences that gets repeated constantly by those who attend a 5Rhythms® class for the first time is “I feel so free to be me”. And it remains so for me each time, no matter what “me” looks and feels like in the moment of that day! Invoking deeper presence, the 5Rhythms helps my soul inhabit its freedom and lightness in alignment with body, heart and mind with spirit, to savour life more fully and experience ease, by simply tuning in to the natural movement of my body and that of the cosmic dance holding it all. And in my continuing journey with the 5Rhythms®, I wish to offer others an opening to this energy which nourishes true freedom and reclaims our humanity.

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