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We will be creating an inner circle sisterhood to journey together and awaken the Medicine Woman within.

Learn how to effectively clear and restore your energy for daily balance and happiness!
*spark your intuition
*use the elements as healing tools
*claim your power

This sixteen week program invites us to dive deeply into the wisdom of the body through techniques designed from the 5 elements of the Earth. We will spend three weeks deeply in tune with each element, starting with Earth, then Water, Fire, Air & Space. The medicine of the elements is simple yet profound in its ability to self-diagnose, heal and revitalize the balance we desire. As many of you know it takes 21 days to shift out of an old habit and into a new. We get to spend 21 days with each element. Studying it’s qualities somatically, energetically, collectively and medicinally. Leaving us more empowered and connected to the quality of life we crave.

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