Ashes and Blossom – Movement Medicine residential with Rosie Perks in Orval, Belgium

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Ashes and Blossom is an invitation to dance into the places of heartbreak and welcome the life force waiting there. We may then blossom into a deeper understanding of who we are and what really matters to us that grief can illuminate. Dance is very effective for working with intense emotions. The awake, moving body creates a strong, safe and versatile vessel for the heart, in which we can evolve rather than be overwhelmed by what we feel. We will dance with the Movement Medicine archetypes, elements and Chambers of the Heart maps to resource ourselves and find new and creative ways of being with our loss in all its weather. Strengthening and leaning into the support of human connection, we will welcome, express and share what is needed. Making it possible for us to catch sight of the wild blooms in our grief. We will also draw on Processwork, sound, creative expression/reflection and intentional focus to clarify our understanding and nourish any emerging buds. This longer residential setting will enable us to explore more fully each stage of this journey. Giving time for being together, integration and the gathering of our individual and collective blossoms. This is precious time in dancing community to learn about ourselves, each other and tend our connection to all that gives and supports life, including our grief.

This work has grown from Rosie’s own journey of living with and learning from grief. The Ashes & Blossom intensive is the next step in her evolution of this dance.

COST: 590€ – food and dormitory accommodation included.

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