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~ARISE INTO SELF ~Four days full immersion with Tata Leban and Mar Triveni

Welcome the year of 2021 with us to reconnect and rebirth into new selves.

Mar Triveni, Gestalt-higgins therapist and family constellator.

She will take you to look deep into the hidden patterns reconnecting with the inner child, to see the layers of conditioning the suppressed emotions to reconciliate with maternal and father energy, embracing our inner child and reconcile with our family tree honoring our feminine and masculine lineage to find a new force in life and reconnect with our purest essence.

Through 5Rhythms® map with Tata Leban, we will awake in the body, in the heart and in the mind as we move through each element to explore the depths of each energy and in its shadow.

Where we are stuck in inertia, rigidity, confusion, and when we are spaced out and numb. To recognize ourselves when we lose connection and shut down.

To own and embrace all parts of ourselves that we neglect and push away.

The 5Rhythms map will navigate and teach us to unleash the stuck energies, find the balance of feminine and masculine energies, the fluidity, focus, surrender, creative freedom and connection to the body, heart, mind, soul and spirit.

In these four-day full immersive journey we will have a sacred cacao ceremony, sound healing and Mexican energy cleanse that will gently leads us home.