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Our hearts are coming from a very distant past. Very different cultures, races and traditions. We are the creation of many creations before us. And, as they did, we all experience emotions and we respond to them in many different ways, depending on our own personalities, and in fact from where we learned to deal with them and how to eventually approach, judge and even control them.
Emotions are a natural response that our body uses to keep us aware of the reality of our daily life. They have functions and even according to science, these emotions are survival keys for human beings. It’s important to get to know them, to explore them and to fully embrace the value of what they are.
Gratitude and honor to the ancestors who survived their struggles and gave us the gift of life. In our DNA there is the innate unconscious memory of how they must have gone through the obstacles of fear and manage the fire of anger. In our tears maybe there is the same salt that it was in their eyes when they navigated through loss, grief and sadness. When we experience joy and we share it, in our dancing together, we feel the connection with the ancient tribal dances of celebration that are embedded in our hearts. And embracing compassion is when space and time are expanding from the here and now to a place of invisible connection and unity with all of them. And when past, present and future are dissolving in a sacred morphing into Spirit.
The Heartbeat map of 5Rhythms is a wonderful guide toward all of this. One step at a time. Walking and dancing in the same direction, coming from distant places, each of us with our unique pace, but never alone. The ones before us are literally in our body. And the other companions we’ll meet in this journey will be there to support and love and to be supported and loved. To create together a safe and non judgmental space of shared respectful freedom and transformational experience.

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