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We are happy to dance with you in Tuscany, Italy. Enjoy Abundance with a group of inspiring people! We will celebrate in dance, delicious organic food and altogether have a great time in the best time of the year in the Maremma region of Tuscany.

The rich program offers Soul Motion® mindful movement classes as well as movement meditian in the morning, a 5Rhythms® or Soulrhythms unit in the evening and an optional activity.

We have the opportunity to be part of the olive harvest and the pressing, to participate in a wine event and to experience the work in the wine cellar. The region is the main harvesting area for chestnuts in Italy.

Between the morning and evening unit there is enough time to explore the wonderful area of southern Tuscany. Destinations are the Merigard community, the Spoerri Garden or the hot springs of Petrolio. For less active persons or days there is time to relax and enjoy autumn.

Let´s celebrate AbunDance!