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Join Denise Berezonsky and an alternating team of Staff Instructors from the Breema Center for a lively online series of revitalizing and nurturing Self-Breema to reset your day and uplift your energy.

Self-Breema exercises invite a new experience of the body, one that is actualized by being present in the moment. Unifying body, mind, and feelings allows us to experience that we actually exist. Working with the Nine Principles of Harmony while practicing the exercises guides us toward the most natural and beneficial ways of moving, breathing, and being. This by itself has a profound effect on our health, bringing new vitality and energy to body, mind, and feelings.

The class series will feature Self-Breema exercises that are especially beneficial for the physical body, and we will highlight working with the principle of No Force in practicing Self-Breema and in other physical activities.

Note: The class starts at 12:30pm PDT (Pacific Daylight Time), which is 22:30 IDT (Israel Daylight Time), or 21:30 CEST (Central European Summer Time).