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The A L C H E M Y sessions invites you to embark on a series of immersive Movement Medicine journeys – gateways into experiencing the transformative and healing power of intentional movement practice.
In these changing times on our beloved planet, and as we move toward the colder, darker part of the year – gathering in community and dancing our prayers – feels like good medicine. A nourishing environment to open to the wisdom of the moving body. Transforming some of the lead of our habitual selves into the golden radiance of soulfulness, while growing an inner landscape of compassion. In Desmond Tutu’s words: “The key to joy is to get in touch with your own natural compassion and live from there.”
The Autumn term sessions are designed to help cultivate a deep and powerful relationship to yourself. One that expands to include our relationship to Others, to Community, to the Imaginal World and to the Source of Life itself. Developing one’s connection across these five dimensions of awareness, supports our presence and potency on and off the dance floor.
So dear one – whether you are new to embodiment wellbeing practice and conscious dance – or an experienced pro – you are welcome. Bring your curious, explorative, wild, free, and tender hearts and join a dedicated group of participants gathering. As we work with the same people – it creates a safe space to deepen trust, expand movement vocabulary and weave community-minded, warm, welcoming and supportive connections.
Each beautifully crafted session will include a rich tapestry of practices and evocative soundscapes to support a deep dive. Practices may include *Awakening the Dancer *Embodied Listening and Sharing *Ritual *Incantations *Archetypal Allies *Tree of Life Meditation *Elemental Allies *Mesa practice *Witnessing *Arc of Time *Unity & Freedom practice *Poetry *Butoh inspired investigations etc.
Hope you feel the call to join! It would be a joy and honour to go on this journey with you.
Session 1
Wednesday 28 September
Growing our relationship to ourselves and working with the awareness of the interior landscapes. Honouring the life within and exploring the power of deepening self compassion.
Session 2
Wednesday 12 October
Expanding into creative and dynamic ways of relating in the dance of reciprocity – being ourselves more fully and supporting others to be who they are.
Session 3
Wednesday 2 November
Expanding our embodied imagination and our relationship to the imaginal or spirit world, and at the time of Samhain, connecting to our ancestors and future generations.
Session 4
Wednesday 16 November
Exploring our relationship to community and recognising our belonging and interconnection to all living beings and the power of community without conformity, and individuality without separation.
Session 5
Wednesday 30 November
Exploring our individual relationship to Source/ Great Spirit (or whatever name you call your connection to the ineffable spirit of life).
“Beautiful, transformative – expertly and sensitively held by Mira. High quality on every level – a safe, expansive, empowering and healing space. SO grateful.” – Lydia
“Mira’s solstice dance was quite simply the most fabulous conscious dance I have ever been to. Healing, nurturing, expansive and exhilarating. Would recommend to everyone, from relative novices (like myself) to experienced alike. Just awesome. Thank you.” – John
“With Mira’s gentle support I’ve been able to transform old and limiting beliefs I held about myself. In the freedom and creativity of the dance, I‘m discovering more of my true potential and evolving into a place of owning and shining my own light.” – Asija
“Each session supports me to reach into unexplored parts of myself – to discover a gift of something new, a piece of myself that needed recognition or a quality that wishes to make itself know and to integrate itself into my life.” – Eliot
“Excellent- deeply moving and a true invitation and support to dive deep.” – Ben
“Mira has an intuitive understanding of movement and transformational process. She creates a safe, sacred space in which to connect deeply with your own body’s wisdom. I have often surprised myself with the energy and insights I’ve accessed under her attuned guidance. Resistance and inhibitions melt away and I am transported by the evocative music to a place within where I can dance with all my being.” – Kate
“I loved every mesmerising second… tears, laughter, joy and total respect… keep spreading your art!” – Katie
Doors open: 7pm
Doors close: 7:25pm
Session begins: 7:30pm
Session end: 9:30pm
*Before and after sessions – you may want to deepen conversation and connection in the downstairs restaurant/ garden space with fellow Alchemy dancers. Last orders by 10pm.
The Alchemy Sessions will be in the Gallery Space of the Green Rooms art hotel – a beautiful space with high ceilings and skylight that inspires creativity.
Green Rooms, 13-27 Station Road, Wood Green, London, N22 6UW
Easy travel – the venue is located opposite Wood Green tube station on the Piccadilly Line. Just 12 minutes from King’s Cross and 20 min from central London. Lift / stair access.
Spaces are limited – so booking early is recommended.
If you feel a strong call to join and cannot afford the lowest option – please get in touch so we can find a way for you to join. Email mirakhanya@gmail.com.
If you consider yourself to be a high earner – paying a supporter fee/ making a donation helps to subsidise lower income or further reduced places.
Tickets are not refundable, but transferable to another person before the start of the series of 5 sessions. Please email details of name changes at least 24 hours before the start of the series and organise finances between yourselves. Get in touch at mirakhanya@gmail.com. You can also check with me if there is a waiting list.
There is no refund for individual sessions missed.
You will receive an IMPORTANT CONFIRMATION EMAIL upon booking with all the relevant information – please read!
Mira Khanya has a deeply rooted and embodied understanding of the transformative and healing power of movement. Creativity and commitment to her own inner-work and wholeness have always been central in her life. From an early age she explored visual and performing arts which led her to a BA (Hons) Drama degree, focusing on Physical Theatre. She expanded her experience of embodied transformation through practices such as Meditation, Shamanic journeys, Yoga, 5Rhythms, Butoh, Embodied Listening and Contact Improvisation. Mira’s calling to support healthy self-expression inspired her to develop a unique creative approach to working with individuals on the autistic spectrum. Dance had her heart though, and movement is her medicine. An in-depth Apprenticeship, Professional Training and Continuous Professional Development advance training programme with Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan – founders of the School of Movement Medicine – followed.
Movement Medicine integrates ancient wisdom and modern understanding of how change happens. It directs our awareness to our movement, thoughts and feelings – opening the way to deep internal reflection. Through the dance we are invited on a journey of personal empowerment, relationship with community and connection with the creative life force within and around us. Movement Medicine supports a deepening of our capacity for empathy and compassionate being and action.
Today the rich tapestry of Mira’s experience as a dancer, therapist and artist is woven into her work. She offers beautifully crafted immersive and transformative dance meditations – activating the embodied imagination through a weaving of words, tribal rhythms, ethno electronica, medicine songs and sacred sounds.
This is an alcohol, drug and substance free space.
Please turn off your mobile phone/ put it on airplane mode.
No talking in the space please – if you need to communicate something please whisper.
Please be responsible for your own body & its wellbeing. Adapt your dance according to any injuries & physical limitations you may have & stay aware of others and your surroundings.
Please keep your body clothed throughout the dance. We dance barefoot. If you need to wear shoes because of an injury then please wear indoor shoes.
We look forward to welcome you!
Warmest wishes
IG & FB @movementmedicinewithmira

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