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Ruth Hirst aus London in Münster!!!
Ruth ist 5 Rhythmen und Soul Motion Lehrerin
Wave Abend am 23.9. um 18.30 – 20.30, 22 Euro
(ohne Anmeldung)
und Workshop am 24./25. 9.
Zeiten: Samstag 11.00-18.00, Sonntag 10.00-16.00
180 Euro
early bird bis 8.9. 160 Euro
(mit deutscher Übersetzung), bitte dazu anmelden.
Bewegungsraum Pleistermühlenweg 284
Time Schedule:
Friday: – Open 5Rhythms Wave – 6.30pm – 8.30pm – 22 Euros (Separate to workshop)
Saturday: 11.00am – 6.00pm
Sunday: 10.00 – 4.00pm
*Saturday and Sunday workshop only:
Full price – 180 Euros
Early Booking Price for Payments by 8th Sept – 160 Euros
*Saturday and Sunday Workshop with entry to the Friday evening Open Class @ 6.30pm
Early Booking Price for Payments by 8th September – 170 Euros
Info: info@yvonnemaurer.de, www.yvonnemaurer.de
This Workshop will be in English and German
“Whispers to My Soul – Cultivating Change”
“To listen is to continually give up all expectation and to give our attention completely and freshly, to what is before us, not really knowing what we will hear or what that will mean. In the practice of our days, to listen is to lean in, softly, with a willingness to be changed by what we hear” Mark Nepo.

Our lives are created by our stories, our habits, our rituals. We can get very busy and find ourselves on automatic drive. How often do we give ourselves time to stop, to listen and hear the whisperings that speak and call to us, everyday? To lean in, to give space and opportunity to be changed by ‘what we hear’.
When we drop deeper into our dance, it can expand our awareness. We develop our own creative language and vocabulary of the body.
Underneath the surface of our skin, there is an orchestra awaiting to be heard. This is always speaking to us. How often do we give space to listen to the wisdom and whisperings of our body?
During our time together, we will give space to listen to the whisperings of your body, heart, mind, soul and spirit, moving through the Conscious Dance Landscapes of 5Rhythms® and Soul Motion.

We will give space to listen to the orchestra, that is alive in you, moving through your cells. To awaken the dancer within; to awaken to the sensations of how we meet ourselves and our environment around us.
To trust and listen, to caress, to ignite, what messages are coming to you. Through moving with the somatic practices of 5Rhythms® and Soul Motion, we’ll go on movement inquiries, sharings in small groups, invitations for any creativity that is called, moving through you – that fuels your imagination, your life force, listening to those whisperings. Helping each of us to cultivate change that is calling within, for ourselves, each other, the planet, whatever is whispering to you..
A little about Ruth Hirst:
Ruth was introduced to 5Rhythms, 20 years ago and immediately feel in love with the practice. It was a catalytic experience for her. She took the opportunities to dance with as many teachers as she could, soaking up all the teachings. Ruth then met Vincent Martinez-Grieco and fell in love with the practice of Soul Motion. Each having different qualities that touches her soul. Ruth brings a strength and softness in her teaching. She is passionate that in moving the body, a healing happens. She brings depth, humour, imagination, with a wide range of music, that will take you on a journey of healing, growth and transformation.
A couple of testimonials:
Ruth enables a connection to myself that is impossible with any other activity or exercise. To accept the body as a vehicle of expression, enabling it to unravel and release in the beautiful and safe space provided, is an experience unlike any other.
Ruth holds the space warmly and with just enough encouragement to explore our selves further, should we wish to. The music she uses to accompany the journey is eclectic and well coordinated to connect with that vital life force that is in all of us. It’s always a different journey. Sublime and amazing
(from MH)
“Ruth creates a safe and wonderful space that is welcoming, open and safe. It is contained and yet offers endless possibilities to journey with others and myself. For me, I love that the dance allow communication without words. I relish the opportunities to connect and the music is fab. It is an experience I take into the rest of my life and supports me to be in my life and live it”
(from GM)
Ruth teaches regular classes in London and international workshops: 5Rhythms levels: Waves, Heartbeat and Soul Motion.
No Prerequisites. Come as you are, adding a tincture of curiosity, following your feet and let’s see where this journey takes us.
If this calls you, JUMP ABOARD!

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