5-Day Heartbeat: 5Rhythms with Adam Barley

//5-Day Heartbeat: 5Rhythms with Adam Barley
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Oh! Feelings! We hurt, desire, love, laugh, get pissed off and freaked out – so many strong feelings! How to find the strength and beauty in our vulnerability? How to be open-hearted through fear, anger and sadness, so that joy is real and compassion has substance?
Fear is the big one of course – we react so fast and so habitually to avoid our fears, it mostly happens below the radar of our conscious awareness. To turn the other way and face our fears is a profound meditation and life-practice. It requires humility, discipline, patience and humour. It’s not easy, particularly when it comes to the fear of our own feelings. Yet the reward is priceless, truly our deepest longing – to be love.
Heartbeat moves through this landscape, opening out, diving in, taking the experience of emotional energy back to it’s roots: the body. We take the shadows and light of these emotional energies and put them into motion — embodied, expressed, released — through the 5Rhythms your feelings become a source of creative power and presence both on and off the dance floor, to find the courage to love and be loved.
The workshop will include space for individual work, hence the long hours on Saturday, offering a deeper personal experience of Heartbeat-level 5Rhythms.