3rd Dance and Nature Project with Vangelis Legakis and Horacio Macuacua

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The 3rd Dance and Nature Project in Tenerife 21st August – 02nd September is modeled particularly to integrate dance with the 5 elements from the Chi Gong tradition; wood, fire, earth, metal and water that encircle us wherever we live and travel.

Legakis will guide you through dance and chi gong practice to transfuse the essence of dance into the essence of nature and the essence of nature into the essence of dance. We will live at the beautiful Eco-Village Manantial De Tara, a perfect quiet space where you will be able to delve deep in your own self discovery. We will focus on Research and Development of solo dance, Contact Improvisation, flying low & passing through integrating energy work, shamanic and ritual work, yoga, chi gong and the 5 elements.

We will travel at the island to dance at the Volcano and the Sea to integrate the elements from the nature into dance and life. The research and development will lead to solo productions to be presented at the Teatro Victoria in Santa Cruz on the 1st & 2nd of September. It is open to all people with or without experience in dance and the performance is not obligatory.

The human being is integrally connected with nature however nowadays we have managed to disconnect from the power and the beauty that nature can offer us. Living in hectic busy metropolis has alienated us from the vital energy mother Earth open-heartedly and unconditionally offers. Now we are living in a time where we should make an effort to re-connect back to the nature of this beautiful world.