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The 34th annual BMCA conference will take place at University of California, Santa Barbara.

Self and Other

Valuing Self and Other acknowledges difference and begins to reveal our vibrant interdependence. What somatic practices or rituals foster our ability to meet with a deeper awareness of Self, while finding discovery and heartfelt respect for Other? Can we meet without assuming another’s experience? What does somatic research bring forth?

BMCA would like to express gratitude to 34th BMCA Conference Site Liaison, brooke smiley, for focusing the theme for this event.

August 6 & 7
Pre-Conference Presenter: Ann Cooper Albright
Cultivating the 3Rs: Responsiveness, Resistance, Resilience
Tuesday, August 6 (2-5PM) and Wednesday, August 7 (9AM-12PM)

August 7 – 10
Main Conference:
Wednesday, August 7 (2-5:30PM) through Saturday, August 10 (9AM-12PM)

August 10 & 11
Post-Conference Presenter: Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen
Title TBD
Saturday, August 10 (2-5PM) and Sunday, August 11 (9AM-12PM)

For information and registration at visit bmcassociation.org/conferences/2019-bmca-conference