Monday Love to Enchanted Forest Gathering and the Reason Reunions Rock

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Do you ever go to re-unions? Those get-togethers where members of your family or a community you are part of gather to celebrate connection and the passing of time? Making the effort to show up to these kind of events takes some doing, and while it isn’t always easy, it’s generally worth the effort.Last Saturday night [...]

Vital Joy Infusion

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Make hump day your happy place with a weekly dance party in a sweet retreat on Oakland's Lake Merritt! KRS-10's unique playlists are full of surprises but easy to follow. Experience salsa, bhangra, flamenco, street, reggaeton, calypso, funk, blues, pop, glitch hop, and so much more, while getting a juicy interval workout designed for your brain, [...]

“Black Music Matters” Dance Playshop

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Dance your way through 100 years of ragtime, jazz, blues, funk, latin, soul, pop and hip-hop superstars to celebrate the gifts of Black History Month. Appreciate our beloved cultural icons with motion and emotion, from two-step to twerking, and everything in between. See how all of today's music grew from 1910s ragtime (Scott Joplin) featuring the [...]

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