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Embody Womb Wisdom | Reclaim Sexual Sovereignty | Live Your YES Train in the sacred arts of Tantra yoga, expressive healing arts, dance therapy and ritual arts to awaken your creative power, wisdom and sacred sensuality as a living goddess here to shine your brilliance with the world. Embody your creative potential as you learn to [...]

Tamalpa Summer Workshop Movement as a Life/Art Process

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“To dance with life and not against it, to move responsively instead of reactively, this is a way to make spirit visible in the world.” – Daria Halprin Throughout time movement, dance, and the expressive arts have provided individuals and communities with a means of soulful expression, healing and connection with spirit. This workshop will generate [...]

Workshop with Daria Halprin, Co-founder of Tamalpa Institute, at CIIS

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"Dance makes spirit visible in the world" This daylong workshop will introduce participants to the Life/Art Process, an original approach grounded in movement/dance and the expressive arts as a pathway for healing, creativity and the exploration of our personal and collective mythologies. This workshop is designed for everyone. No previous experience in dance/art needed. Art materials [...]

Anna Halprin’s 38th Annual Planetary Dance

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Join us on June 3 for this annual community ritual, dedicated to peace among people and peace with the earth. Tamalpa Practitioners will also be presenting Planetary Dances worldwide throughout the year.

Be Moved with Rosario Sammartino and Joshua McClain

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This workshop is part of Friends of Tamalpa ArtCorps, a series of workshops that feature very special guests and whose proceeds benefit ArtCorps, Tamalpa's social engagement program. A collaboration between somatic expressive arts therapist Rosario Sammartino, and cellist Joshua McClain, the Tamalpa Be Moved workshop, invites you to journey into your body's own dynamic melodies, dive [...]

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