#2 – Toni Bergins: Creator of JourneyDance

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A one-on-one conversation with the energetic founder of JourneyDance, Toni Bergins. Subscribe to the Conscious Dancer Podcast on iTunes

JourneyDance™ Module Two: Structures & Rituals

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For those who have completed Module 1. Become the teacher, healer, and leader you desire in JourneyDance™ Embodied Leadership Training. Layered with expressive dance, rich musical landscapes, somatic awareness, and sacred drama, this three-module training explores physical and energetic practices that increase your capacity for love, joy, connection, and leadership. Delve deeper into your power and [...]

JourneyDance™ Module 3: Transformational Facilitation

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Prerequisites: Modules 1 and 2 completion of JourneyDance™ Training Use your unique voice and empowered leadership to guide others in finding their power and move into a new story through the transformational process of JourneyDance and beyond. * Prepare to infuse your facilitation with your unique voice and “personal medicine” * Learn advanced facilitation of structures, [...]

THE OPENING: Dance Meditation And Shamanic Journeying Workshop – with Alex Svoboda & Pavel Timashkov)

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“In the very first time there was no light on earth. Everything was in darkness, the lands could not be seen, the animals could not be seen. And still, both people and animals lived on earth, but there was no difference between them. They lived promiscuously. A person could become an animal, and an animal could [...]

JourneyDance™ Fast Track Retreat and Training March 17 – 29, 2018

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JourneyDance Fast Track Retreat and Training March 17 - 29, 2018 In Mar de Jade, Chacala Mexico What's Included: -JourneyDance Module One and Module Two Training and Manuals -JourneyDance Teachers Starter Kit -Certificate of Completion as a JourneyDance Guide -Online JourneyDance Embodiment Immersion Course -Gourmet Meals Each Day -Room Accommodations and Taxes Included

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