Monday Love to your Tripod of Transformation and BELOVED TICKETS you can win!

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“Comparison is the thief of joy” ― Theodore Roosevelt Have you ever thought about what it takes to succeed?  Do you see all sorts of recipes for success everywhere? Has it ever seemed like there’s some secret sauce you’re missing to find fulfillment? Sometimes it feels like we’re spinning around in circles while everyone else is [...]

Dance of Oneness®: Grounding in the NOW | Workshop at Open Center, NYC

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3-hour sacred dance workshop at Open Center, NYC NOW is all there is and when you dance to align your body, heart, and mind with your purpose for being ALIVE in community with others, then NOW becomes super potent for transformation on both the personal and collective levels. Guided by the poetry of Rumi, claim your [...]

“Black Music Matters” Dance Playshop

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Dance your way through 100 years of ragtime, jazz, blues, funk, latin, soul, pop and hip-hop superstars to celebrate the gifts of Black History Month. Appreciate our beloved cultural icons with motion and emotion, from two-step to twerking, and everything in between. See how all of today's music grew from 1910s ragtime (Scott Joplin) featuring the [...]

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