Catlin Cobb and Susan Osberg and Mireille Feyzeau
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Dance as Ritual - Dance as Performance: July 9-16, 2017
Is a laboratory dedicated to exploring the ritualistic nature of movement and performance.

Dance as Ritual/Dance as Performance is a workshop formed around the primal and ecstatic nature of movement. Dance at its core is historically an ageless activity, a connection with something other, a symbolic transformation of experience. Contemporary dance and performance artists have continued to acknowledge the transcendent nature of the human body via deeply personal relationships to movement, myth, and metaphor - often expressed as ritual. Co-taught with dance -artists Catlin Cobb, Susan Osberg and Mireille Feyzeau in the vineyards of Bordeaux (Nerigean) France: Jardin D'Alice.

Catlin Cobb has choreographed since 1980 for her company, theater, film, and video. Her work, commissioned and produced by theaters in New York City, The American Dance Festival, and small repertory dance companies in the United States, has been supported by various grants including fellowships from New York Foundation for the Arts and National Endowment for the Arts. From 1984-91 Ms. Cobb toured extensively throughout the United States performing and teaching as a soloist sponsored by Affiliate Artists and in 1994 she was a Fulbright Scholar to the Theater Academy of Helsinki, Finland. Internationally her dances have been presented in Europe, Japan, Jordan, and Tunisia. Her writing about dance has been published in educational magazines and journals. In addition she is practiced in core-shamanism.

Susan Osberg is a choreographer/dancer/writer. As artistic director of Workwith Dancers Company, she has worked experimentally and collaboratively with new music and visual artists since 1979. Her work has been presented at numerous NYC venues and has been performed internationally A former dancer with Lucinda Childs, she was a professor of contemporary dance techniques and improvisation at several colleges including Bard College (1986-2009). Curating many dance events, she is a founding director of Dance Across Borders at Dia Center for the Arts in 1995, and directed an International Festival, DAB, at the Fisher Art Center, at Bard in 2007. She is a published poet. Her spiritual practice includes: Sufi Work, Kundalini Yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, and the creative process.

Mireille Feyzeau trained in Nikolais technique and danced in the company of Susan Buirge. In 1984 she created her own company, Alice et les Autres, and in 1994 co-founded Contrespace, a cooperative for creation and productions. She focuses her research on creative approaches to producing links between dance and the environment. In 2000 she combined her studies with Julie West 's Voccadanse. They developed together a practice they call Vocal Contact Improvisation. Mireille is the director of Jardin d'Alice, a dance space for creation, workshops, performances, and other events in the rural environs of Bordeaux, France.

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