Third Eye – Dance Of Intuition

//Third Eye – Dance Of Intuition
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“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein

When it comes to our intuition and our psychic abilities – natural talents that are innate to us all – there is nothing more healing than a vibrant, in-tune third eye chakra.

Having a healthy third eye chakra can assist us in using our intuition and insight without fear and without delusion. When we bring our third eye chakra into balanced activity, our clairvoyance opens up, and we can begin to truly see what is going on within our lives.

The third eye chakra is known in Sanskrit as Ajna, meaning to see and to command. It is located between the eyebrows. Awakening the third eye chakra opens us up to higher levels of perception through our intuition, and allows us to gain a greater command of life through the use of our imagination. We are able to visualise, receive dream images, recall memories and tap into archetypal energies. When we dream at night, a series of images are played out through the lens of the third eye. These nightly visual journeys can be likened to personalised screenplays portraying the stories of our inner life.

By paying attention to these internal movies we can begin to explore the dynamic relationship between consciousness and the unconscious through movement and sound. And by awakening the third eye, your dreams and insights will be profoundly meaningful to you, full of guidance and wisdom.

This is a Chakradance TM workshop from the awakening series. To open, balance, and align the third eye chakra we will be doing the following:
* Meditation
* Journeying using specific music aligned to the third eye
* Conscious dance/movement
* Mandala art creation
Samaria will provide a safe sacred space in which to do your healing and sharing. She will also provide wonderful information to use in your everyday life.

Exchange for this multi-modality self-care experience is $47 for non-members starting June 1st. If you RSVP before June 1st we are offering an earlybird special of 30% off the regular non-member pricing.

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