Men´s Journey: Soul & Honesty

//Men´s Journey: Soul & Honesty
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This Journey is both an ongoing workshop over 3 weekends in the cycle of a year and the parts between the weekends where the travel goes on. It is held by the movement practices of 5 Rhythms and Soul Motion.

The Men´s Journey is based on 3 Modules where we focus on one of our main landscapes: Body, Soul and Spirit. We will create a safe space, a container, solid enough that we feel ready to dive, to jump into the unknown of being a man.

The Men´s Journey is an ongoing experiment. All modules together are a the full journey. As we want to keep it as flexibel you are open to jump in whenever you are able and willing.

Thierry Francois | 5Rhythms Teacher
Martin Steixner | Soul Motion Teacher

2nd Module: Soul & Honesty, March 9 – 11.2018
Hof der Sinne, 4973 Senftenbach, north of Salzburg, west of Linz

Each man is my mentor

Each man is my teacher

Each man is my brother

Each man is a mirror