Into The Light With Adam Barley

//Into The Light With Adam Barley
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I had been practicing the rhythms every day for a year before Lyrical swept me away in its arms. It’s subtle. It continues to delight, mystify, enchant, surprise, and take hold of me, bringing my feet, heart and hands to places I’ve never been before, so it’s with great pleasure that I’m offering this experience, to explore this profoundly unpredictable energy field.

You will not be required to be happy! Lyrical is much more enigmatic and complex than that, and we’ll be exploring its qualities through all of the rhythms. We will be able to discover our own unique styles and ways of moving through this expansive landscape, including ways we didn’t even know we had; ways to open up and be honest with what we have, to breathe new life into old hats, to shapeshift into zones unknown, and to see the world afresh.