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Experiential Anatomy with G Hoffman Soto
(Included in the Somatic Education Module at Moving On Center – School of Participatory Arts and Somatic Research)

May 3-5, 2018 (9.15-11.45am)

This workshop aims to provide an experiential approach to an overview of the anatomy of the bones, muscles, nervous system, and viscera. It introduces kinesiological terminology.

G. HOFFMAN SOTO, born in 1945, and has spent a lifetime in movement moving through sports, yoga, martial arts and dance. He has been associated with Anna Halprin and the original San Francisco Dancers’ Workshop and since 1973. He is one of the original teaching team of the Tamalpa Institute and has taught internationally since 1979 including throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Lebanon, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan. Beginning as a basketball player in high school and university he moved into yoga, contemporary and post modern dance, Butoh, African and Brazilian Dance, Improvisation, Movement Theater, Ideokinesis, Somatics, Feldendrais, Brazilian Capoeira, Japanese Aikido, Chinese Tai Qi Ch’uan, Filipino Martial Arts, and Korean Tae Kwan Do. Additionally he has 47 years of hands on body work including PolarityTherapy, Ideokinesis, Passive Joint Manipulation, Cranial Sacral Therapy! Soto’s draws from the eastern and western approaches to mindfulness movement practices.

This course aims to provide an introductory overview of the anatomy of the bones, muscles, nervous system, and viscera. It introduces kinesiological terminology.

This workshop is a part of the SOMATIC EDUCATION MODULE, a four extended weekend training taught by master teachers:

Martha Eddy, (Developmental Movement)
G Hoffman Soto, (Experiential Anatomy)
Carol Swann, (Alexander Technique)
Sarah Day Hanson (Axis Syllabus)
Brenton Cheng (Bartenieff Fundamentals)
Diane Elliot (BodyMind Centering®)
Peggy Hackney (Laban Movement Analysis)
Manuela Mischke-Reeds (Hakomi Somatic Therapy)
Vitali Kononov (Movement Integration)

One year, 4 Weekends: May 2-6, Aug 1-5, Oct 24-28, Jan 23-27

This transformational training offers you a unique opportunity to integrate the desire for personal growth with the development of meaningful professional skills applicable to the performing arts, education, health, and social activism.

Founded in 1994 by Carol Swann & Martha Eddy, Moving On Center continues to be a leading pioneer in Somatic Education. Integrating numerous somatic systems with the performing arts towards social change, Moving On Center will be making its home in 2018 at The Finnish Hall in Berkeley, CA.Finnish Hall is an enormous, beautiful, naturally lit wood floor studio and is currently an exciting new hub of active dance, performance, political and other events.

Changing patterns within your own body/mind through experiential exercises and participatory pedagogy enables one to support others with knowledge rooted in deep embodied knowing.

Given what is going on in the world right now, we truly need more socially conscious body based activists, artists, health practitioners and humans more than ever to counterbalance an environment of fear, dis-embodiment, violence, racism, and marginalization. Spend a year training with MOC in the East Bay and over the course of the year transform your body, mind, and practice so you can bring your work into the world.

Everyone welcome, come join us.

For more information, visit:

Somatic Education Module


The Finnish Hall
1970 Chestnut St, Berkeley, CA 94702