Expanding Joy: Let Your Yoga Dance! Moving Your Body, Heart and Soul!

//Expanding Joy: Let Your Yoga Dance! Moving Your Body, Heart and Soul!
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Join Megha Nancy Buttenheim, CJO (chief JOY officer), Let Your Yoga Dance, LLC, for a dancing yoga joy-fest!

Let Your Yoga Dance is my 25-year old moving celebration of spirit. Based in the ancient yoga chakra system (the energy centers of the body), it combines gentle moving yoga, user-friendly dance, breath, meditation in motion, relaxation with fabulous world music. Let Your Yoga Dance is sometimes wild and filled with abandon, sometimes a quiet meditation in motion, sometimes completely still. In this retreat, we’ll dance for the coming of spring. Together and alone together, we will experience joy, depth, and intention, embodying the sacred in a new, vibrant way. Brain, body, heart, and soul will be given added fuel for zest, optimism, gratitude, resilience, kindness, and strength. Through the heart and soul dance of community, together we’ll build positivity resonance. All are welcome, newcomers and veterans alike. Great new music!

For Information and registration, contact:
Pat Carlyle
Let Your Yoga Dance Teacher, Santa Rosa Beach, FL