Ecstatic Dance with Colleen

//Ecstatic Dance with Colleen
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Warm up
Gentle music invites you to connect with the Earth. Breathe, stretch, meditate…use the floor and space to slowly let go of the day. Listen to your body and prepare yourself for the Dance.
Dance Journey
Heart pounding, body shaking sound scape with varying tempo, texture, and mood. Deeply evocative meditative sounds that allow you to tap into your own unique self-expression and free form dance (no guided instruction).

Still Point
The music slows allowing for a deep integration of the dance experience. The stillness gently guiding your inward reflection.

Closing Circle
The music is silent as we form a circle to share experiences and insights that we have gained during the Dance.

Ecstatic Dance Guidelines
Please respect the following guidelines:
1. This is a drug-free & alcohol-free space.
2. No cameras or videos allowed in the space (or on the dance floor).
3. Respect and care for yourself and honor the boundaries of others.
4. Honor the integrity of the dance space by refraining from conversation.
5. Obtain consent before making physical contact with another dancer.
6. No shoes allowed on the dance floor.
7. Express your authentic self, including your emotions, while being aware of any impact on others.

You may come and go as you please during the Dance. We ask that you respect your fellow dancers by keeping all conversation away from the sacred dance space.