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Ecstatic Awakening Dance is a 5 stage guided method, warm-up, shake, energy dance, grounding & Heart meditation. Created in London in 1996. The School of Ecstatic Movement and teacher training programme were established in 2007 and has been facilitating 2 teacher training programmes a year since then to deliver a standard of excellence to become a teacher of Ecstatic Awakening Dance.
This is a 9 month ON-LINE Teacher Training with a fully inclusive 6 day residential module.

The Ecstatic Awakening Dance Teacher training is a fully encompassed certified training that has been developed because of our passion for Ecstatic States and the miracles that appear to happen when we are truly following our Bliss and will:

Inspire you to be passionate about teaching;
Empower you with confidence to be a group leader;
Enable you to take a quantum leap in your own process of personal transformation.
Give you all the tools you need to become a successful teacher of Ecstatic Awakening Dance.

We are dedicated to always being on the cutting edge of research into the body, healing and evolution. Wading through tomes of research and esoteric wisdom to back up what we already know from experience and that is that Ecstatic Awakening Dance has the possibility of healing and transforming our whole being in a safe, effective and timely way, that’s requires nothing more of you than to turn up to a class on a regular basis and move your body however it would like to move, breathe and drop to the floor to integrate the experience.

This course is packed full of theoretical knowledge, bang up to date, scientific research and of course many practical exercises that will have you feeling all the benefits of following your own Bliss and then leading others to follow theirs.
We ask for excellence from our teachers.

Maybe you feel you have done all the self-development you can at this time and want to step into teaching?
You just Love Dance and have found it is a great way to get out of your busy head and connect with yourself and you would like the opportunity to help others do the same?

Maybe you are already working with a specific client group and you would like to bring in some movement?

Everyone is welcome; wherever you are and whatever reason has brought you here. All we ask of you is that you come into the training with openness, curiosity, a willingness to learn, a readiness to witness what might come up in yourself, and to hold yourself with kindness as you explore the power of movement, breath and rhythm and the Ecstatic Awakening Dance Process.

Why do we need that from you? Well, these are the qualities you are going to need to be able to be a grounded, confident, empowered and knowledgeable Ecstatic Awakening Dance Teacher. When you hold your classes, you are going to be inviting people to be courageous enough to drop down out of their busy thinking minds into their beautiful bodies and really let go and surrender in a safe, nurturing space.

This is a nine month online course with a fully inclusive 6 day residential module. Through this process you will embody all you will need to become a successful Ecstatic Awakening Dance Teacher.

Online tuition:

We Will meet twice monthly on the internet through a series of webinars, one of these sessions will be a tutorial which will then also be available for you to access as a video.

The other will be an opportunity for you to get support and guidance from your community, sharing, transforming and growing together.

Residential retreat:

Around the 6 month mark we will meet you at our fully inclusive residential retreat, where we will deep dive into transformation and give you the skills and confidence to step into a new career as a Teacher of Ecstatic Awakening Dance.

Course work:

Through our dedicated on-line learning platform each month you will receive course-work materials that will require you to do some exercises at home. Including journaling, meditations, visualizations and processes to deepen your experience with your body and the dance. You will also be encouraged to get involved in our on-site forum that is exclusively for the members on the training.

All the coursework over the 9 months has been mapped in this training so that each module gives you insights and background information about why this method works so fundamentally to shift your whole life. Increasing your awareness & knowledge through your own experience and backed up with leading edge scientific research.

You will also receive an EAD Facilitator’s manual, a copy of Amoda’s E book “Moving into Ecstasy” originally published by Thornton’s in 2002, MP3 “Ecstasy” and the “breath of fire” album by Kavi.

What is expected of you?

You will need to start a Journal write of your experience during the 9 months.

Make time every week to drop into the dance using the Ecstasy download MP3 by Amoda and the transformers. We also recommend that a 30 minute mini session of the dance becomes your daily practice, this will really help loosen up every aspect of yourself and also allow you to take in the training more fully.

Complete all tasks and homework in a timely way.

Attend all the webinars.

If English is not your first language and you are worried about reading and writing lots please don’t be. We are very happy to hear of your experiences verbally so you can write anything in your own language and then translate this experience for us.
Primarily the course work is to give you lots of interested theory that will enhance your knowing of why transformation happens from a physiological, emotional and spiritual standpoint, but experiencing the method is where 99% of the learning will come from.

A Map of the Training – aims, topics to be covered:

Module 1: The building blocks and history of the Ecstatic Awakening Dance Method.

Module 2: Coming Home to Your Body.

Module 3: Shake awake!

Module 4: Ecstatic Awakening Dance.

Module 5: Grounding.

Module 6: Shamanic Techniques to Ecstasy.

Module 7 Residential 6 Day training with practical assessment.

Module 8: Marketing & Running a transformational business.

Module 9: Certification.

There are 2 main aspects of this Training:

1. The Method

This covers everything you need to know about how and why this method is effective, understanding the tools of Movement, Breath and Meditation; the 5 stages and what their purpose and benefits are as well as giving you an experiential foundation in teaching the various stages, holding space, and all other practicalities. You will have ample time for practice and feedback sessions during the Modules and you will also be required to practice in between sessions.

2. Passionate Empowerment

This gives you the keys to becoming a successful and inspirational teacher, which includes the ability to be present, to be passionate and to connect directly with the people who come to your class. You will be “fired up” to uncover your unique gifts and take action to bring them into the world.


Certification will be given on full attendance, participation & completion of all practical assessment requirements of the Teacher Training–At which point your biography and details of your classes will be added to School of Ecstatic Movement website and you will be fully qualified to teach – Full details will be laid out in pre training agreement given when you book your place.

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