Whirling the Web of Creation: Women’s Dance Your Healing half-day retreat

//Whirling the Web of Creation: Women’s Dance Your Healing half-day retreat
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Whirling the Web of Creation: Part of the Dance your Healing feminine embodiment workshop series for women

Everything in nature whirls, and the whole universe dances! The ancients understood and lived by the esoteric adage as above so below, and aligned their ritual movements with the patterns of the cosmos through embodied sacred geometry. For our distant ancestors the world was dripping with meaning and significance, exalted through song, music, and dance.

You are invited to Whirling the Web of Creation, part of the Dance your Healing workshop series for women Sunday April 22, 1:30-5pm. Come swirl your toes in the stars and feel the connective ripples extend through the cosmos, releasing what doesn’t serve you and reaffirming Unity and Divine Order through sacred movement.

This half-day retreat is for you if you…

– Are drawn to ecstatic dance and movement as a spiritual or healing practice.

– Yearning to more deeply embody the Feminine and connect to ancient ways of being in community.

– New to movement and searching for a loving supportive container to explore in.

– Looking for place to drop into your body and release some stress.

– Just want to have fun!

Come on a journey with Hannah Romanowsky, delving into tried-and-true embodied teachings and ecstatic movement techniques designed to move energy through the body, release trauma, and promote well-being.

Hannah Romanowsky, M.A., is Founding Director and Spirit Dance Mentor of the Scheherazade School of Sacred Movement. She has been researching, embodying, and teaching women’s dances from the greater Middle East and beyond for over two decades. Hannah has devoted her life to reawakening the Feminine through embodied art and ritual, and restoring dance as a vehicle of joy, healing, and transformation in modern times. Hannah’s background in somatic healing techniques and psycho-spiritual growth informs her understanding and approach to dance as sacred expression and embodied medicine. Hannah lives near San Francisco where she teaches master classes and workshops, leads retreats, and mentors clients.