Dance of Oneness® | Workshop at Rowe Center, MA

//Dance of Oneness® | Workshop at Rowe Center, MA
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3-day workshop at Rowe Center, Rowe, MA

Passion burns down every branch of exhaustion.
Passion is the supreme alchemical elixir, and renews all things.
Let divine passion triumph, and rebirth you in yourself.
– Rumi

The extreme times we live in demand that we be PRESENT, PASSIONATELY ALIVE and stand in and for what we believe in.

The time is NOW to surrender to the power of love and dance to liberate your body so you can experience the living fiery passion in your heart that can initiate you into being a true human being. Dance in community with others to align your body, heart, and mind with your purpose for being alive.

Dance with the whole of your life, with the whole of your passion, with all of your pain, and with all of your hunger for love so dance can heal you and help heal our world by transforming your resistances to possibilities.

Join Banafsheh in a nurturing yet rigorous weave of guided and free-style dance, stillness, whirling, healing movement, Rumi’s poetry, mindfulness techniques, chanting, stretching, meditation, wisdom teachings, a sharing circle and lots of laughter.

Experience the profound movement meditation of Sama (whirling) as a way to surrender listen for guidance from your soul, uncover and nourish your passion. Journey into grounding, releasing, centering, and opening techniques that connect you to the core of your being and allow you to soften, so you can flower radiantly from the wisdom of your heart.

Through peaceful groundedness, empowered embodiment and passionate engagement and service, come home to your body and soul.

You will learn:
– Luscious movements that build internal strength, vitality, flexibility and balance
– How to come in touch with and nourish your passion and purpose
– How to become empty so you can listen for guidance of your soul
– How to ground your soul in your body
– Tools to feel comfortable in your own skin regardless of physical limitations
– How to dance your life
– How to come in touch with and express your feminine radiance
– Elements of Persian dance as an expression of the divine feminine
– Elements of flamenco as an expression of the divine feminine
– The movement meditation of Sama/whirling
– Zikr or chanting the names of the Divine
– Grounding, releasing, centering and opening dance and movement techniques in preparation for Sama/whirling, Persian dance and flamenco
– Divine feminine wisdom
– The universal message of Sufism
– Tools to access joy, peace and lucidity in your daily life

All are welcome / Mixed levels
Please bring soft soled shoes or socks to dance in and dress in comfortable clothing that make you feel beautiful and attractive.

More info: Email | 413.339.4954

Banafsheh facilitates a sensuous, feminine, powerful embodiment of the soul, a spiritual path that I am dedicating myself to exploring. She holds a loving and vibrant energy for the room that enables me to go further than I could by myself.
– Susanne Bowra, Switzerland, 2017