“Black Music Matters” Dance Playshop

//“Black Music Matters” Dance Playshop
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Dance your way through 100 years of ragtime, jazz, blues, funk, latin, soul, pop and hip-hop superstars to celebrate the gifts of Black History Month. Appreciate our beloved cultural icons with motion and emotion, from two-step to twerking, and everything in between.

See how all of today’s music grew from 1910s ragtime (Scott Joplin) featuring the uptight Castle Walk, Grizzly Bear and the loose “Black Bottom,” into 1920s Charleston, 1930s Barrelhouse Blues, 1940s Jitterbug, then the 1950s explosion of dance crazes and beginnings of Rock & Roll. Awaken your Funky Soul to the 1960s, Disco through the 1970s, and welcome Reggae and Hiphop with the 1980s. Merge through 1990s postmodern pop into the new millennium, getting weirder and wilder and into Soul. Feel the freedom of fusion with other rhythms in the mix of modern times.

Stay for a spectacular a-la-carte brunch afterwards in the club’s gorgeous dining room overlooking Lake Merritt. RSVP required – krs10zumba@gmail.com