Azul Trilogy Three Portals of Healing

//Azul Trilogy Three Portals of Healing
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Azul Trilogy 6 days residential retreat The Three Portals of Healing: Mother, Father, God, point us back toward our childhood and help us identify a core wound, of which all other wounds are but reflections. Identifying this core wound supports us in understanding what our soul is here to transform and ultimately transcend.

Inside the portals resides all areas of human conflict and struggle as well as our key to freedom. Focusing our attention on each one allow us to connect with the source of our pain, understand our biography and clear our emotional body by giving expression to our hidden feelings. This is the process of healing, wherein we can restore our relationship with trust, with our inner guidance and with the greater understanding of who and what we are.

The journey through each of the portals provides a space for the next stages of healing. The dance provides access to more subtle layers of awareness, below the mind, directly into the content of what needs to be felt and integrated.

The healing process continues until all that is left is love. Love towards your Mother, the feminine and women. Love towards your Father, the masculine and men. Love towards God, and the trust that all is perfect.

If we are able to come to a place where there is nothing left but love, we are free.

Full retreat 745 AUD
Weekend pass 425 AUD
Early bird discounts available.
Price does not include accommodation.

Accommodation at The Govinda Valley Retreat Centre, which is set on 30 acres of beautiful forest woodland situated in luscious bushland south of Sydney. It offers a fantastic place to escape and relax. Facility include one main building with a dining room and balcony, private massage room, and two beautifully lit halls. There are also two attached wings with various sized bedrooms, and communal and private bathrooms. In addition, the property offers a variety of outdoor spaces, including an organic garden and small amphitheatre.

Accommodation package vary from 499 AUD for camping for a full week to 1495 AUD for single room for a full week. Details on the web site.
Prices include accommodation, 3 vegetarian buffet meals per day prepared with love out of locally grown food and access to the unique space of the facility