Ashes to Ashes: A Women’s Retreat

//Ashes to Ashes: A Women’s Retreat
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We Are Clear
We Do Deep Work
Nothing Less Interests Us

Welcome to Radical Discovery Time
to Ritual Time
to ​Rising Up ​After the Fall Time

Sister Woman
We Are Lovers, Teachers, Artists, Friends, Black, Brown, White

Sister Human
We Are Revolutionaries, Crones, Straight, Queer, Seeker Leaders

We are Curious
and Hungry
How the Death and Resurrection Adventure Moves Within Us

Sister Woman
Where Do You Need Support?

Sister Human
Where Do You Need to Harness Common Sense from the Community?

Ourstory Keeps Circulating 360 Degrees
Linear is Leaving Us and We Now Have to Find​

Our Own Internal and External Landmarks
The Horizon Awaits Us…..

Daily 5Rhythms®
Optional ​Daily ​Yoga
​Ritual & Ceremony​
Deep Nature Connection

We are calling 88 women to step into this deep and potent body of work.