Monday Love to your Sublime State of Solitude + Are You Our New Ambassador?

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Do you ever go online? Are you an Internet user? Do you have any social media accounts? I know your answer to at least one of those questions is “Well, duh!“ because after all, this is an email, and you had to fire up some sort of Internet-connected digital device to even read it. Very few people [...]

Monday Love to your Creative Contribution and Congrats to Capacitor’s 20th Year!

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How do you deal with your professional knowledge? What’s your relationship with your intellectual property? Does it ever feel like your supply is going to run low? Some people think that creativity is a zero-sum game. As if there is a limited supply in a bucket, and it’s in danger of running out. But really, creative [...]

Monday Love to your Myths to Live by and hats off to WildCore and the Great Outdoors!

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Do you have an overarching belief system? Is there some philosophical underpinning to your existence? How do you reconcile the great mysteries of the universe with your daily life? Much like politics, the subject of faith or religion is one that is often avoided in polite conversation among mixed company around the dinner table. With this [...]

Monday Love to your Meta Methods and Plan Your Trip to Sundance Camp in Turkey today!

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Do you have a backup plan? How do you keep things running smoothly in your life? Are some of your processes dialed into a formula? Sometimes it's great to have things somewhat automated. When you get to be a pro at something the trick is to make a difficult task look easy. Remember — perfection is [...]

Monday Love to your Possessions of Passion and Big Love to SoCal’s Tango Star!

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What’s your relationship with your belongings? How do you deal with ’stuff’? Why is it that the things we own are a reflection of who we are? Everyone has a different way of making their way through the three dimensional world. And at the various ages and stages of our lives the importance of our stuff [...]

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